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New and Improved Version Allen-Bradley Ethernet IP Pro Address Explorer DHCP and Bootp Server SIM-IPE

New and Improved Version Allen-Bradley Ethernet IP Pro Address Explorer DHCP and Bootp Server SIM-IPE

Posted by PLC Cable Inc on Sep 20, 2023

SIM-IPE Ethernet IP Pro Address Explorer DHCP and Bootp Server


Same functions as the old ones but more features. Menu contents now are dynamic and are based on the discovered device.

Now all functionality is based on the Discovery and then will be automatically routed to 3 different functions:


- Ethernet/IP

- Profinet

It replaces your computer based BOOTP/DHCP Server and will quickly assign any IP address to any industrial BOOTP or DHCP enabled control device, like Programmable Controller, PLC communication modules, smart switches and I/O adapters.

You have one of the latest units which includes Profinet support among many other new features. We had to rearrange the menus to smooth out the process. Simply select "Discover device" and you'll be presented with the options available for your particular device.

This is a quick version with just the new menu clarification.

Here is a video with the details of operation in detail.

New menu options

Main Menu

"Discover Device",

"Ping Device",

"Prepare Address"


EtherNet/IP discovered device only

Menu IP Address

"Replace Address",

"Set IP Static",

"Enable BOOTP",

"Enable DHCP",

"Port Speed"

EtherNet/IP Replace Menu or Profinet Discovered Device

Replace Menu

"New Address",

"Network Mask",

"Gateway Address",

"Execute Replace"

Speed Duplex for EtherNet/IP device

Menu Speed Duplex

"Select Port",

"Auto Negotiate",

"Force 10 Half",

"Force 10 Full",

"Force 100 Half",

"Force 100 Full",

Prepare Address - from Main Menu

Menu Target

"Select Network",

"New Target Addr",

"IP Address List",

"Network Setup"

Network Setup from Target Menu

"SIM-IPE Address"

"Network Mask"

"Gateway Address"

"From DHCP"

Menu Options

"Sleep Timer"

"LCD Dim Timer"

"LCD Brightness"

"Factory Reset"

"About Device"

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