PLC Programming Lessons (we are hiring)

Posted by PLC Cable on Mar 17, 2021

PLC Cables, Inc -

**Work Type:** Contract, part time and great for someone that wants to make a few extra dollars and further their PLC skills.

**Description:** About us, we are a manufacture of automation equipment for schools, colleges, tech schools and companies or individuals looking for PLC Trainers, PLC Cables, OEM and aftermarket supplies.

We are looking for people that want to learn and further their knowledge of PLC programming, since we sell many different types of PLC's we are looking for tutorials and lessons for our PLC trainer trainers, these will need to be wrote in MS Word as we will edit them if needed, its best if you are NOT an engineer... what I have found works best is someone with general knowledge of PLC's maybe a different brand but wants to further their skills and simply document it as they learn, so "teach by learning". You must have MS Word experience and the ability to explain your thoughts on paper. Every PLC manufacture has their own way of doing things, all PLC's are the same they just do it a little different.

We have some done (RSLogix 500, Mitsubishi, Automation Direct) and we have exercises wrote for some others (TIA, Click) you must have the software, there are some that we need and the software is free to download from the manufactures but not all.

Our lessons are NOT the normal that you will find... we really want to teach people, you can find how to address a timer or counters or how to shift a bit in the manuals, we want things that are not in manuals, we have one lesson (as an example) that is like the old game Simon Says and its a great lesson, you record the inputs (toggle switches and push buttons) and then play them back in the same sequence and time duration as an output with the lights, simple lessons like these help people learn PLC troubleshooting and programming and understanding of the logic of a PLC.

If you are a teacher / instructor (thank you) and you have work that you already have done, we would love to buy it from you, we are working now with several and have in the past.

**Location:** We are in North Carolina USA and would like to have people in the USA to save on shipping cost of the hardware, we can provide hardware to the 'right people'. You must be serious about it, if not please don't contact. Your writing skills must be good.

**Remote:** Yes this is remote

**Contact:** Let us know what lessons you would be interested in writing

**Compensation/Pay:** Depends on the lesson, we are not cheap but it needs to be a good well thought out lesson, I will review them... the lesson in this link have the program wrote and tested with comments in the ladder rungs and also has a Word documentation that is supporting it as well with screenshots and would be worth about 500.00 each, so depending on how fast you write a program and can type it could be worth your time.